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  1. Heiko Ebens sagt:

    Hi There,

    A bit of an usual question AND very much off topic: I see that your webpage was created in WordPress and I like it quite a bit — would you mind telling me what template you used.

    Many thanks in advance!


  2. Heiko sagt:

    Guys, I have one more question, please. How did you manage to get Rosalie’s profile pictures to show up when you post?

    Also, take a look at http://heiko-ebens.com/wordpress/…. Should look familiar…

    • Michael sagt:

      This is becoming a little more technical. I hope you can follow. If not, mail me and I try a more lengthy version.

      First you need an gravatar.com account.Sign-up with any username you like. Gravatar is hosted by the same folks that are responsible for WordPress btw. That’s why gravatar support functions are allready included in WordPress.
      In your gravatar account, insert exactly the same mail address that you use in your blog profile (or to post your comments in other WordPress blogs). You need to verify the mail, so post valid adresses only. You can register multiple mail addresses in one account.
      After validation you can upload images and link them to your registered mail adresses.
      So far the easy part ;) The NewYorkCity Theme hase built-in support for these Gravatars. You should see the picture allready in your blog.
      In case you want to use a theme that does not support gravatars yet you can "easily" insert it in the style. All you need to do is to modify the themes template code to show the gravatar icon.
      Log in to your WordPress dashboard and select Design -> Editor from the left hand menu.
      Make sure your selected theme is the one to modify!
      Select file index.php from the right sidebar.
      You need to insert the following code at the right place:

      You might want to place it somewhere below:
      <div id=”post-” >
      This depends on where you want the image to appear.

      The number 45 determines the size of the image to display. You have several options here.

  3. Heiko sagt:


    Many thanks again for all your help. I managed to get the Gravatars on my page (my wedding website is currently at http://www.heiko-ebens.com but I will move it shortly over to http://www.ebens.net). I did quite a bit of work on the page — perhaps there is something on it that inspires you and I will do my best to point you in the right direction.



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