am 22. Juni, 2012 12:26 Uhr 0

Cake… Disaster?

In the morning we received a call from Vons concerning our cake. As the caller only reached Michael’s voice mailbox and has not left any exact details we drove there just to discover that we actually won’t get the quoted price as the special exceeded and they just wanted to make sure we still want the cake.

Well, now we pay around 70$ for a great cake and did our beverage shopping already instead of hurry through it tomorrow.

We also stopped by at our chapel already to sign the contract in person and right now we are on our lunch break (which is actually breakfast as we have not had any real meal today) and are planning the rest of the day.
We will definitely pick up our pastor Karin later from the airport and until then we have planned to visit several casinos and pick up some free things we get with the complementary coupon booklet.

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