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Getting things set up in Vegas

Today we drove off to Vegas!

After a rather pretty disappointing lunch break at Big Boy in Barstow, where we now went for the second time and our food was… neither as fresh nor as tasty as we wanted, we arrived at 4:30pm in Las Vegas.

We checked in at the Imperial Palace and inspected our room which I am very happy with!

Back in February we made reservations for a King Suite because I saw that video on YouTube where a lady showed how such a King Suite looks like. As we want to have our reception after the ceremony in our hotel this was the perfect solution – rather than booking a room to celebrate at the Flamingo for five times the amount that we are now paying for our accommodation.

So here a sneak peak how our living room with bar (!) looks like:

After getting settled we went to Vons and ordered a cake for Saturday and here they offer not even fresh strawberries but also other fresh fruits in the cake, so we ordered the bottom level as a white cake with strawberries and the top one as a chocolate cake with bananas in the middle.

Thanks to our membership card we get a special deal and will only pay around 50$ for the whole piece of art!

The evening flew by pretty fast and we walked up and down the strip, had a frozen yogurt, played some slots and eventually saw a couple of newly weds dressed up. How exciting, especially because everybody is happy and gives you their best wishes when you mention that you will have your own ceremony upcoming.

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