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Suit up… Dress up!

Today we went to David’s Bridal in Mission Valley for bridesmaids dress shopping and to Men’s Wearhouse the get a suit.


Rosalie and Amber actually planned on spending a little fortune on a latte-colored dress, that complementes Rosalie’s dress but as of Rosalie’s Swabian heritage, she still hesitated a little to decide frankly as there was another, very beautiful, less expensive, purple dress that Amber and Rosalie liked. To get the opinion from the other half of the party they headed over to Men’s Wearhouse where Michael and Aaron meanwhile found a gorgeous black suit for Michael to wear on the 23rd – which is not even two weeks away!


Aaron und Michael came back to the bridal shop just 15 minutes before they closed and helped picking the right dress for Amber – the latte-colored one.


Hoping to be able to use an outdated coupon, Rosalie talked with the lady behind the counter and she told us that she rather don’t wants to use the coupon as the dress is on sale! So they already saved about 30$ instead of 20$ with the coupon. When she scanned the barcode there was the next surprise: that particular color they picked will be discontinued next season so they ended up spending over 100$ less on the dress then we actually planned.


If we all knew that before, we picked that dress right away.


Michael sealed the deal for a beautiful black suite using the promo “buy one get one free” and will go back on Wednesday with another friend of ours whose wedding is upcoming, too.


Thank you so much Amber and Aaron, for your great support!

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