am 13. Juli 2012


Wir haben unsere Hochzeitsfotos vom Fotografen bekommen :)

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am 01. Juli 2012


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am 25. Juni 2012

Hardrock, Baby!

On our very last night in Vegas we had our traditional visit at the Hard Rock Café on the Strip. As always: Food was good, music was entertaining and we got a shirt from the new collection as well.

…and as you can tell form the picture we had a lot of fun.
The perfect ending for the perfect weekend!

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am 25. Juni 2012

Weddingvideo / Hochzeitsvideo online

We are back from Las Vegas and had an awesome time!
Thanks to everybody who celebrated with us in Nevada.
We also thank the people who stayed at home and shared their happy thoughts with us.

The beautiful ceremony is available through the links below (watch or download!) so everybody who was and wanted to be with us, could enjoy this great moments over and over.

Wir sind aus Las Vegas zurück und es war absolut großartig!
Vielen Dank an alle, die nach Nevada gereist sind und mit uns gefeiert haben.
Danke auch an alle Daheimgebliebenen, die uns mit lieben Nachrichten bedacht haben.

Wir haben unsere wunderbare Zeremonie zum immer wieder Erleben und auch zum Herunterladen hier verlinkt, damit jeder, der gerne dabei gewesen wäre, auch daran teilhaben kann.

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am 23. Juni 2012


During our extremely relaxed morning we visited our chapel once again just to make sure all the preparations are going well and also to show our pastor Karin Boye the venue.

She took the last “non-married-non-dressed-up” picture of the two of us that day in front of the gazebo in the beautiful garden of the Flamingo hotel.

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am 22. Juni 2012

ABDC Winner 1st Season

In the evening we walked from our hotel at ~100 degrees Fahrenheit (~37 degrees Celsius) in only 25 minutes to the Monte Carlo.

If you have no time pressure you might not notice that it’s such a distance between the hotels, but as we wanted to see the JABBAWOCKEEZ live on stage (for those who don’t remember: Winner of the first Americas Best Dance Crews season) we had to be on time.

We actually wanted to watch the show yesterday evening but due to technical problems the Monorail made us wait for more than half an hour after we already paid for our tickets so the Monte Carlo was so nice to exchange our show tickets yesterday and we watched the show today!

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am 22. Juni 2012


We went to Señor Frogs to watch the Fußball quarterfinal Germany – Greece of the Euro 2012 and bought out first souvenirs there: huge yards to… at least decorate our room :)

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am 22. Juni 2012

Cake… Disaster?

In the morning we received a call from Vons concerning our cake. As the caller only reached Michael’s voice mailbox and has not left any exact details we drove there just to discover that we actually won’t get the quoted price as the special exceeded and they just wanted to make sure we still want the cake.

Well, now we pay around 70$ for a great cake and did our beverage shopping already instead of hurry through it tomorrow.

We also stopped by at our chapel already to sign the contract in person and right now we are on our lunch break (which is actually breakfast as we have not had any real meal today) and are planning the rest of the day.
We will definitely pick up our pastor Karin later from the airport and until then we have planned to visit several casinos and pick up some free things we get with the complementary coupon booklet.

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am 21. Juni 2012

Getting things set up in Vegas

Today we drove off to Vegas!

After a rather pretty disappointing lunch break at Big Boy in Barstow, where we now went for the second time and our food was… neither as fresh nor as tasty as we wanted, we arrived at 4:30pm in Las Vegas.

We checked in at the Imperial Palace and inspected our room which I am very happy with!

Back in February we made reservations for a King Suite because I saw that video on YouTube where a lady showed how such a King Suite looks like. As we want to have our reception after the ceremony in our hotel this was the perfect solution – rather than booking a room to celebrate at the Flamingo for five times the amount that we are now paying for our accommodation.

So here a sneak peak how our living room with bar (!) looks like:

After getting settled we went to Vons and ordered a cake for Saturday and here they offer not even fresh strawberries but also other fresh fruits in the cake, so we ordered the bottom level as a white cake with strawberries and the top one as a chocolate cake with bananas in the middle.

Thanks to our membership card we get a special deal and will only pay around 50$ for the whole piece of art!

The evening flew by pretty fast and we walked up and down the strip, had a frozen yogurt, played some slots and eventually saw a couple of newly weds dressed up. How exciting, especially because everybody is happy and gives you their best wishes when you mention that you will have your own ceremony upcoming.

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am 20. Juni 2012

Surprises in the mail

One of the great things of a wishlist is that everybody knows what you want and you don’t risk to get the third china. One of the even better things of the amazon wish list, were we created our wedding registry, is that you get the presents directly shipped to your house.

But if you have the kind of spouse I do you are not allowed to look into the card that is attached to the wrapped present or open the present itself… so I have to wait until we come back from Vegas to open it and find out who gave us those great gifts.

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